Different Roads Home
Rare Opportunity
Extraordinary Spiritual Teachers in one place!
​August 2017 - 3 packed days!
4 amazing speakers!
Transform your life with tools from the experts!
Different Roads Home is a three day retreat experience not to be missed!
Journey with us as we travel together under the guidance of incredible teachers bringing knowledge, experience, tools and nurture.
You will have the opportunity to transform your life in any area you choose.
It is incredible to have these amazing people all in one place!

Join us.
Learn, experience and have FUN!
You will not leave the same!

 - The Beyond
Give yourself a gift
Here is just some of what you will experience......
Holistic Life Coach
Join the courageous voyage as Voni unpacks keys to life balance and emotional freedom.
Journey through the mind and unpack how your thoughts impact your choices and your happiness

Learn about YOUR emotional triggers - and their effect on your relationships
Get off your own back!  Nourish your soul through your body
Step into brilliance through your shadow
Psychic Medium & Mentor
As a highly gifted Psychic Medium Alice will share with you how her gift evolved over the years from a young child with a vivid imagination to the talented Medium and mentor she is now. Within this wonder filled retreat Alice will work with you looking at your Chakras with the assistance of your spiritual helpers and explore with you where you are holding your blocks and how to accept, release and let them go on a daily basis. You will learn the importance of your name and the lessons it's holds. You will also experience one of her unique meditations channelled specifically for all workshop participants
Holistic Life Coach
Martyn Terry is a one of a kind, his intuition, compassion , tenacity and dedication to guiding you back to the real you is a journey his clients have described as truly life changing. Working with energy, your energy you will experience what your heart knows to be true.
Martyn will offer a sense of peace creating realisation and awareness for you to remember who you truly are.
Spiritual Teacher
Listen to Clem as he delves into the depths of the hero / heroine’s journey as a central theme in all mythological traditions.
Clem brings  rich knowledge as he offers you a chance to experience yourself as the hero or heroine in your own life.  Learn more of what your life means and practical applications to enhance your heroic journey.

Some benefits you will receive from Different Roads Home....and this is the tip of the iceberg
Learn practical steps towards emotional freedom and life balance
Get excited about yourself and your life
Deepen your understanding of yoursef and your patterns
Experience real-time journeys within yourself with skilled practitioners
Gain insight into how your thoughts impact your decisions and your happiness
Learn simple ways to reframe challenges and issues as opportunities 
Explore the mythological realm and see a fuller picture of your life's purpose
Receive knowledge, nurture, tools and experience


Give yourself an experience - feel yourself transform
AUGUST 25-27, 2017 at Living Springs

Getting it Done
  • 2 payments of $499.50
    ​(paid in full by August 7, 2017)
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  • 3 or more payments
    (paid in full by August 7, 2017)
Questions or queries - Phone Voni 021 216 9122, email voni@aspacebeyond.co.nz or message on The Beyond on Facebook
Learn more about these amazing practitioners.....
Psychic Medium & Mentor
Alice Terry is a  Medium , she has an extraordinary gift but has not lost sight of the fact that she is also an everyday working Mum - Alice just works a little differently to most people - but it is that everyday "ordinariness" that people love and respond to.

Alice is now using that extraordinary mediumship gift to heal and to help people in so many ways. Clients are finding great comfort after years of being unable to move on following the death of someone close, others are now full of inspiration from re-connecting with their dreams, re-discovering their potential and what their life could become. Alice provides a source of inspiration to everyone she meets every day, following her calling of teaching "life is all about love".
Spending anytime with Alice Terry is a unique and life changing experience, being in the company of someone who sees directly into your soul is both enlightening and uplifting .
Holistic Life Coach
Martyn has been consumed by coaching since August 2008, gaining his diploma, from Life Coach Associates as a Holistic Life Coach in 2010. Originally from the UK, he was amazed that having traveled to the other side of the world, the ideal  course to fulfill his ambition, 'to help people', was right on his doorstep and available in Christchurch. The journey has been very rewarding covering most emotions at one time or another and paths have been crossed with many, many incredible people – real people that give you heart and a returned faith  in human nature.
Be warned though, once the first step has been taken there is no going back and the overwhelming feeling you are left with is that it is very much about the journey and not the destination that makes it so special.

Spiritual Teacher

I was born into a low income working-class family in Christchurch New Zealand in 1948. It was also a fundamentalist religious family and both these circumstances played a significant part in my life and development.
On entering adulthood not only did I carry many limiting beliefs about myself and my prospects in life, but I also suffered acutely from a social phobia. I had huge of fear of social situations and spent my earlier life occupied in solitary pursuits such as long distance running and mountain climbing, which helped me avoid being around people. 

But I was determined to heal this and explored many modalities of healing and transformation. I ended up training as a homeopath, energy healer and breath therapist, and ran my own practice through the eighties and nineties. I started to notice there were clear common themes to what people were going through, and it came to the point that I could sometimes almost predict what they were going to say, simply because they were playing out their own version of what seemed like universal themes. 

I went on a huge quest to find out if there were such universal themes and whether others had researched and explored them. I found there were indeed such universal themes and the desire to understand them took me deeply into such diverse subjects as the world’s mythology, stress mastery, practices of awakening and enlightenment, the mind / body / energy relationship, and the nature of human creativity,

This led, in 2001, to the creation of Life Coach Associates which quickly established itself as a provider of world class life coach training programmes. After facilitating their training course for 10 years I stepped aside from that role in 2011, and since then have concentrated on writing and developing online transformational programmes.

My simple message is that we each have infinite potential to live extraordinary lives of success, achievement and fulfilment and, that there are clear consistent ways we can do this. My mission is to serve The Divine and humanity by helping people to become free of anything and everything that limits them and keeps them trapped in suffering.

I can be contacted through the website www.lifecoachassociates.co.nz or through his personal email, clembo1@gmail.com

Holistic Life Coach
 Voni was born in Auckland and lived on the West Coast as a little girl. Christchurch became her home for the most part of her life although she spent a few memorable years in the U.S.  She has certainly packed as much into her life as possible, enjoying unique and strange happenings! 
She has a love of music and the stage, bongo drums and watching trees and people grow.
Spending her years performing from a young age, she found much enjoyment later on in bands and stage shows.  Earning a Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching led her to an incredible world of transformation where she became driven and excited by supporting people to become the best 'them' they can!  She then took these skills to Te Puna Wai O Tuhinapo (youth justice), Canterbury Youth Development Programme and then behind the wire with the Department of Corrections which she found an incredibly rewarding and
amazingvocation!  Her excitement continued to grow in creating a space where magic and change can happen!
As a facilitator and Holistic Life Coach, She is passionate about supporting you through transformation. Watching you realise your brilliance, find your bliss and get excited about your life!

Come with us and journey home


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